Some personal stuff

I was born in Obergünzburg, Allgäu, Germany and lived there in my first twelve years of life. We moved to Kempten (only about 25 kilometers away), where I got my “Abitur” (diploma from German secondary school qualifying for university admission or matriculation) at the “Allgäu-Gymnasium Kempten“.

I had two major subjects in the last two years of secondary school: mathematics and arts. My wish was to study computer science and arts, but for combined academic studies in Germany I would have had to go to Kassel, which was too far for me as I was still heavily bound to my family in Kempten. So I decided to study computer science and moved to the nearest location where this was possible: Ulm.

Ulm is a nice city, small but not too small. The campus  of Ulm University is compact and not scattered over the whole city like it is at Tübingen or at München (Munich). I lived in Ulm until I moved to my beloved wife Inés.

Now I live in Waldhausen, a small village at the highway A7, 10km from Aalen, north of Ulm, southeast of Stuttgart. Our little son loves to play in the garden and we often go wandering in the surrounding area. And the best: we can drive to Kempten in about 1 hour and 15 minutes with our car, and reach many other cities with low time effort (Stuttgart, Ulm, Augsburg, Nürnberg…).

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