Photos from nature on iNaturalist

A few weeks ago, my stepson Paul recommended the website iNaturalist to me. While hiking, I always pick my camera and I really like to take photos of animals and plants. So he knew that this website was a perfect match for me. I immediately set up a profile and today I uploaded my hundredth observation.
It’s great fun to look for interesting animals and plants and then upload them to find out their name and family. But that’s not the only useful thing. The data collected on iNaturalist can be used for all sorts of evaluations to find out which species of animals or plants occurs in which places of the world. Sometimes, there are interesting discoveries of newly immigrated species.
You can also identify the observations of other people, if you are familiar with certain species of animals or plants.
For nature lovers, biologists and photo-hobbyists iNaturalist is a must-visit website!

My observations can be found here via this link.

Cosmetics for babies and children

Finally! The book “Baby- und Kinderpflege – natürlich selbstgemacht” (Baby and Child Care – natural homemade), written by my wife, was published by Freya. The book includes many basics, numerous recipes, all vegetarian, many of them even vegan, for self-stirring. In composing your own cosmetics, they are without artificial sweeteners, preservatives and allergenic perfume oils. The basic ingredients are vegetable oils and floral waters.

After we had published two ring binder books called “Naturseifen einfach selbstgemacht” (Soaps easily homemade) Baby- und Kinderpflegeand “Hausgemachte Naturkosmetik” (Homemade natural cosmetics) in our own publishing house (Waldfaun), but sell it only on the website, we are now proud that the new book is also sold in bookstores.

My wife teaches adults how to make soap and how to mix cosmetics in adult education courses. Parallel to these courses she wrote the former mentioned two recipe collections. Last year, Inés deepened into mixing of cosmetics especially for children and babies, as she had numerous requests how to do that. Children have more sensitive skin than adults.

Together we draped the mixed ointments, creams and lotions, as well as the ingredients, thus many of the photos in the book were contributed by us.

The book is also available on Amazon:

Enjoy reading and mixing, all you mothers and fathers, and also all you grandparents, aunts and uncles.

Old Artist-Homepage

After several years I updated my homepage and decided to remove the design of my old artist homepage. As I liked the design, I loaded up an image where you can see how it looked like. Well, it looked nice but was not very easy to maintain if I wanted to add new images…
Here’s the old layout:

The old version of the page remains online until I decide to remove it… it is located here: Old artist pages


For my mother-in-law I made a fairybook in 2001 with their grandchildren, our nieces. They were so cute it was fun to build some aquarel-painted pictures with little stories around them.

Bohnanza fan game

There was a art contest for the fan edition of a card game called Bohnanza in 2007. Every participant was allowed to send in three self-painted beans. I sent in “Blaue Bohne” (blue bean), “Brechbohne” (string bean – but “brechen” also has the meaning “break”) and “Feuerbohne” (scarlet runner – but “Feuer” can be translated to fire) and all three were selected for usage in the edition. As a little bonus, I painted a fourth one only for fun: “Rote Bohne” (kidney bean – but “rot” also means red).

Flash Graphics for Marune

Adobe Flash (formerly Macromedia Flash) is excellently suitable for either internet navigation sites or internet games although HTML5 now has gained a lot of functionality to do better. In 2002 I was freelancer and illustrated some games for marune.The Flash-games to the pictures presented here may be viewed on their pages.

First, I have some animated flash files (swf):
Egypt Quiz Intro
Winterquiz Graphics

Second, here are some of the other game maps:

Digital Artwork

For nearly every digital art I do, I use Adobe Photoshop. It is such a fascinating software. Although I own a graphic tablet, I mostly painted with the mouse ever since. I guess this will stop when I start using a touchscreen…

My old artist’s homepage was purely painted with Photoshop. But normally I do some sketches on paper, scan them and then use these as a starting point. Certainly I also use Photoshop for retouching and manipulating photos (see Photomanipulation).

Fantasy Calendar

In 2000 my wife and I decided that we wanted a calendar with nice b/w images of fantastic scenes where each day of a month is integrated into the picture. Every spare time I made sketches and then drawed the images with ink. The parents of good friends of us were working in a print office where they made prints on paper with crazing effect sized Din A0 for us and our friends. As the making of a printing plate was very expensive, they didn’t print only ten, so we still have calendars in our storage room. 😉

This year I decided to upload all of the calendar sheets (I had some of them on my old homepage and on elfwood before). Here you can see all the drawings of the calendar, now.