XML Tools Plugin for Notepad++

For a class lecture on XML I searched for a free text editing tool supporting syntax highlighting for XML, check if XML is well-formed an perform validation (e.g. with DTD). After some research I found out that a plugin for Notepad++ called XMLTools. I was very lucky because I already use Notepad++ for years. The… Continue reading XML Tools Plugin for Notepad++

Disparity (binocular) and the thumb experiment

Isn’t it surprisingly, how easy it can be to experiment with human perception without any tools? Here is a very simple one for binocular disparity. Because of the space between our two eyes we perceives two distinct images. The difference of the images on our retinas can be easily recognized with the thumb experiment: You… Continue reading Disparity (binocular) and the thumb experiment

Doctoral thesis published

Finally it is done – my doctoral thesis has been published: The dissertation called “Der Interaktionsprozess bei Tangible Interaction – Entwicklung und Analyse eines Interaktionsmodells – Richtlinien zur Verwendung beim Design” is avaliable in Verlag Dr. Hut, ISBN 978-3-8439-0836-8. It is only available in german by now. Abstract Being a subarea of Human Computer Interaction,… Continue reading Doctoral thesis published

Student rating

Although every university has it’s own opinion survey on classes and lessons, I also appreciate reading the entries of students in my class profiles on meinProf.de, a platform where students can rate different aspects of my teaching like fairness, assistance, material, comprehensibility, fun and interest. Especially the free text field is very interesting, because often… Continue reading Student rating

List of Courses

Objektorientierte Programmierung in C++ SS 2008 – heute (HTW Aalen) Multimedia Produktion und Management SS 2014 (HS Neu-Ulm) Strukturieren in XML WS 2013 – SS 2014 (HTW Aalen) Anwendungsfach Ubiquitous Computing WS 2005/2006, SS 2006, WS 2006/2007, SS 2007, WS 2007/2008 (Uni Ulm) Mediale Informatik WS 2004/2005, WS 2005/2006, WS 2006/2007, WS 2007/2008 (Uni Ulm)… Continue reading List of Courses


Mein ResearchGate-Profil C. Lecon and M. Hermann: A Flexible Search Function for Online Courses in the Sense of Attribute Grammars In 15th Annual International Conference on Information Technology & Computer Science, Athens, Greece, 2019. C. Lecon and M. Hermann: Demand Driven Generation of e-Learning Courses. In Proceedings of the 9th Annual International Conference on Computer… Continue reading Publications