IpfmessApp in stores

IpfMESSAppOne of my first projects in my new job was building an app for the iPhone. The app has been done for Bopfingen city, for their folk festival called Ipfmess’.

First idea was a simple counter app where people can easily observe the remaining time until the big event and browse the program of the folk festival on the phone.

But soon there were other ideas like including an instagram stream (hashtag #ipfmess) or adding an info tab with information on up-to-date news about the “Ipfmess” and events related to Bopfingen and the festival.

The project grew, the layout was updated several times and so it took longer than expected until the iPhone app reached the AppStore. An online survey revealed that people wanted the Android-App to be released before the iPhone version. The last one was then unfortunately released about one week later than planned because we waited for the app to be approved by AppleStore. So the app’s release for iPhone was nearly two weeks after the Android version. But finally the app now can be installed!

And of course it is free of charge, it was a fun project for Veroo Consulting (and for me), a project we didn’t do for profit but for the fun to do it – and that’s what it was! I hope you will also enjoy it. And who knows, maybe we’ll meet at the Ipfmess. 🙂

There will probably be some updates, soon, as we have even more ideas – so check out the news on the official homepage.

Here are some links related to the app:

Project Management System

From April 2009 on I was working at Inneo Solituons as software developer. We develop a project management system for small businesses, which is embedded into Microsoft Sharepoint. Prios Foundation is a webbased dotNet Solution. With Version 2.8 it is quite substantial in its’ functionality. By now it also can be hosted in the Cloud. Interested businesses can get to know the system with a test-account in a Cloud-system hosted in Ellwangen.

Flash Graphics for Marune

Adobe Flash (formerly Macromedia Flash) is excellently suitable for either internet navigation sites or internet games although HTML5 now has gained a lot of functionality to do better. In 2002 I was freelancer and illustrated some games for marune.The Flash-games to the pictures presented here may be viewed on their pages.

First, I have some animated flash files (swf):
Egypt Quiz Intro
Winterquiz Graphics

Second, here are some of the other game maps:

A short bio

Dr. Marc Hermann received his diploma degree in 2002 at University of Ulm. He then joined the e-learning project “Docs ‘n Drugs – The Virtual Polyclinic” at the University of Ulm Institute of Media Informatics led by Prof. Dr. Michael Weber. Marc was working there as research associate until 2008 and finished his doctoral thesis in November 2012 with the topic “Der Interaktionsprozess bei Tangible Interaction – Entwicklung und Analyse eines Interaktionsmodells – Richtlinien zur Verwendung beim Design” (engl: “The interaction process in Tangible Interaction – Development and analysis of an interaction model – guidelines for use in design“. His research interests are alternative user interfaces, especially tangible interfaces and ambient displays for use in ubiquitous computing.

Between 2001 and 2005 Marc was freelancer in some online projects (flash, director) with Marune for ZDF (german public TV station).

In 2004-2005 he attended courses in higher education pedagogy and received the Baden-Württemberg Certificate thereupon.

Since the summer term of 2008 he holds a lecture on object-oriented programming in c++ at Aalen Universy.

From April 2009 to December 2014 he worked as a software developer at Inneo Solutions GmbH, Ellwangen, working on a projectmanagement system.

In winter term 2013/2014 and in the following summer term 2014, he held a lecture on XML at Aalen University as stand-in for Prof. Richter, who was on parental leave.

He also held a lecture in the summer term 2014 on multimedia production and management (in english language).

From January 2015 to December 2016 he worked in Bopfingen as senior developer for Veroo Consulting GmbH.

Since February 2017 he went back to a full academic job. He now holds four lectures at Aalen Universy.


1978 – 1982 Grundschule Obergünzburg (primary school)
1982 – 1992 Allgäu-Gymnasium Kempten,graduation: Abitur (diploma from German secondary school qualifying for university admission or matriculation)
1992 – 2002 University of Ulm,graduation: German diploma degree (Dipl. Inform.)
2005 – 2012 doctoral study at the Institute of Media Informatics, University of Ulm, graduation: Dr. rer. nat.

alternative civilian service

1999 – 2000 kindergarten of Lebenshilfe Aalen (german organisation for disabled persons)


2002 – 2008 University of Ulm, research assistant at Institute of Media Informatics
2008 – 2017 Aalen University, guest lecturer at the Faculty for Engineering
2009 – 2014 Inneo Solutions GmbH, softwaredeveloper projectmanagement solutions (MS Project, WPF, Silverlight)
2013 – 2014 Aalen University, guest lecturer at the Faculty for Optics and Mechatronics (Technical Editing)
2014 Neu-Ulm University, guest lecturer at the Faculty for Information Management and Corporate Communications
2015 – 2016 Veroo Consulting GmbH, senior developer (MS Project, WPF, Silverlight, SQL, PowerPivot)
2017 – now Aalen University, academic staff at the Faculty for Engineering and Computer Science

Some personal stuff

I was born in Obergünzburg, Allgäu, Germany and lived there in my first twelve years of life. We moved to Kempten (only about 25 kilometers away), where I got my “Abitur” (diploma from German secondary school qualifying for university admission or matriculation) at the “Allgäu-Gymnasium Kempten“.

I had two major subjects in the last two years of secondary school: mathematics and arts. My wish was to study computer science and arts, but for combined academic studies in Germany I would have had to go to Kassel, which was too far for me as I was still heavily bound to my family in Kempten. So I decided to study computer science and moved to the nearest location where this was possible: Ulm.

Ulm is a nice city, small but not too small. The campus  of Ulm University is compact and not scattered over the whole city like it is at Tübingen or at München (Munich). I lived in Ulm until I moved to my beloved wife Inés.

Now I live in Waldhausen, a small village at the highway A7, 10km from Aalen, north of Ulm, southeast of Stuttgart. Our little son loves to play in the garden and we often go wandering in the surrounding area. And the best: we can drive to Kempten in about 1 hour and 15 minutes with our car, and reach many other cities with low time effort (Stuttgart, Ulm, Augsburg, Nürnberg…).