Cosmetics for babies and children

Finally! The book “Baby- und Kinderpflege – natürlich selbstgemacht” (Baby and Child Care – natural homemade), written by my wife, was published by Freya. The book includes many basics, numerous recipes, all vegetarian, many of them even vegan, for self-stirring. In composing your own cosmetics, they are without artificial sweeteners, preservatives and allergenic perfume oils. The basic ingredients are vegetable oils and floral waters.

After we had published two ring binder books called “Naturseifen einfach selbstgemacht” (Soaps easily homemade) Baby- und Kinderpflegeand “Hausgemachte Naturkosmetik” (Homemade natural cosmetics) in our own publishing house (Waldfaun), but sell it only on the website, we are now proud that the new book is also sold in bookstores.

My wife teaches adults how to make soap and how to mix cosmetics in adult education courses. Parallel to these courses she wrote the former mentioned two recipe collections. Last year, Inés deepened into mixing of cosmetics especially for children and babies, as she had numerous requests how to do that. Children have more sensitive skin than adults.

Together we draped the mixed ointments, creams and lotions, as well as the ingredients, thus many of the photos in the book were contributed by us.

The book is also available on Amazon:

Enjoy reading and mixing, all you mothers and fathers, and also all you grandparents, aunts and uncles.

Flyer for the museum in Bad Buchau

This Flyer was designed for the museum in Bad Buchau, Germany, called “Federseemuseum”. Since 2008, the museum has an annual event about herbs. This year, my wife and I missed the event for the first time.

Ambigrams, Anagrams, Palindromes and Pangrams


Some years ago one of my stepsons began drawing Ambigrams for some curious reasons. They also fascinated me, but I had no time then and forgot about ambigrams until I had to create one for an illustration job. As long as you don’t bother about readability, you can make an ambigram for every word. In my case it was the name of a castle in germany called Rieneck. Here it is:



I always was fascinated of Anagrams: changing the order of the letters of words and getting other meanings (In my childhood I liked to play with alphabet biscuits, “Russischbrot”, before I ate them. Uhm, did I say in my childhood … well, I still like it…). Today there are several online and offline word generators to generate anagrams, e.g. an, where you can select various languages. You can find quite funny things when examining your name’s letters.


I always wondered what “They might be Giants” sing about in their song “I Palindrome I” but I didn’t look it up until I stumbled upon it when researching ambigrams. Palindromes are words or sentences that can be read both forwards and backwards and still have the same meaning. Well, I knew there were words and sentences you can do this with, but I didn’t know the word for it. So, after knowing that, the previously mentioned song of TMBG is even cooler. They have palindrome phrases and word-symmetrical sentences in it.

Besides palindromes there are semi-palindromes that can be read forwards and backwards with different meanings which are often used for palindrome sentences like “Ivan – Navi” 🙂


When I researched for palindromes I also read about pangrams. I didn’t know there was a word for this: A sentence with all letters of the alphabet in it. You may all know the sentence “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog”. This english pangram today is mostly known from e.g. the Windows Font Previewer. Its’ origin goes back to 1885, where the sentence “A quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” was suggested for writing practice in an article of a teachers’ journal called “The Michigan School Moderator”. In german language, the most known pangram might be “Franz jagt im komplett verwahrlosten Taxi quer durch Bayern”, although it does not have umlauts (mutated vowels). My preferred one with umlauts is “Welch fieser Katzentyp quält da süße Vögel bloß zum Jux?”

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Foggy Wood

On All Hallows’ Eve we ran a fitness trail near Auernheim – Auernheim seems to have even more often dense fog than Waldhausen or Ulm… however I shot some really lovely photos in the forest, some of them are featured on my deviantart stock account. These photos seem to inspire many people to do really great photo manipulations. You can see them on deviantart (see work with my stock). This photo is my own favourit, I use it for my desktop background:

Foggy Wood 2