Photos from nature on iNaturalist

A few weeks ago, my stepson Paul recommended the website iNaturalist to me. While hiking, I always pick my camera and I really like to take photos of animals and plants. So he knew that this website was a perfect match for me. I immediately set up a profile and today I uploaded my hundredth observation.
It’s great fun to look for interesting animals and plants and then upload them to find out their name and family. But that’s not the only useful thing. The data collected on iNaturalist can be used for all sorts of evaluations to find out which species of animals or plants occurs in which places of the world. Sometimes, there are interesting discoveries of newly immigrated species.
You can also identify the observations of other people, if you are familiar with certain species of animals or plants.
For nature lovers, biologists and photo-hobbyists iNaturalist is a must-visit website!

My observations can be found here via this link.