Colour Paintings

There are various materials for designing pictures in colour on non-digital media. Very handy are acrylics, which dry very fast and thus make a fast working process possible. But water colour or gouache also do have a charm. For oil paintings you really need patience and time for drying …

A short bio

Dr. Marc Hermann received his diploma degree in 2002 at University of Ulm. He then joined the e-learning project “Docs ‘n Drugs – The Virtual Polyclinic” at the University of Ulm Institute of Media Informatics led by Prof. Dr. Michael Weber. Marc was working there as research associate until 2008 and finished his doctoral thesis… Continue reading A short bio

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Student rating

Although every university has it’s own opinion survey on classes and lessons, I also appreciate reading the entries of students in my class profiles on, a platform where students can rate different aspects of my teaching like fairness, assistance, material, comprehensibility, fun and interest. Especially the free text field is very interesting, because often… Continue reading Student rating

List of Courses

Objektorientierte Programmierung in C++ SS 2008 – heute (HTW Aalen) Multimedia Produktion und Management SS 2014 (HS Neu-Ulm) Strukturieren in XML WS 2013 – SS 2014 (HTW Aalen) Anwendungsfach Ubiquitous Computing WS 2005/2006, SS 2006, WS 2006/2007, SS 2007, WS 2007/2008 (Uni Ulm) Mediale Informatik WS 2004/2005, WS 2005/2006, WS 2006/2007, WS 2007/2008 (Uni Ulm)… Continue reading List of Courses


Mein ResearchGate-Profil C. Lecon and M. Hermann: A Flexible Search Function for Online Courses in the Sense of Attribute Grammars In 15th Annual International Conference on Information Technology & Computer Science, Athens, Greece, 2019. C. Lecon and M. Hermann: Demand Driven Generation of e-Learning Courses. In Proceedings of the 9th Annual International Conference on Computer… Continue reading Publications

Some personal stuff

I was born in Obergünzburg, Allgäu, Germany and lived there in my first twelve years of life. We moved to Kempten (only about 25 kilometers away), where I got my “Abitur” (diploma from German secondary school qualifying for university admission or matriculation) at the “Allgäu-Gymnasium Kempten“. I had two major subjects in the last two… Continue reading Some personal stuff

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Foggy Wood

On All Hallows’ Eve we ran a fitness trail near Auernheim – Auernheim seems to have even more often dense fog than Waldhausen or Ulm… however I shot some really lovely photos in the forest, some of them are featured on my deviantart stock account. These photos seem to inspire many people to do really great photo manipulations.… Continue reading Foggy Wood

Amiga Traveller Logos and Music

A long long time ago I had my first computer. It was an Commodore Amiga 500 and I loved it. It had a mass of colours and great sound, much better than all those early PCs. Some friends and I formed a group called “Traveller”. We wanted to design some demos with cool pixel-by-pixel-painted pictures,… Continue reading Amiga Traveller Logos and Music