Pilgrim’s Hat (Way of St. James)

Some years ago we and some of our friends decided to hike along the Way of St. James in stages. It was not our goal to go on a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, we simply like hiking. Now, such a thing as “the” Way of St. James doesn’t actually exist. If someone wanted to… Continue reading Pilgrim’s Hat (Way of St. James)

Old Artist-Homepage

After several years I updated my homepage and decided to remove the design of my old artist homepage. As I liked the design, I loaded up an image where you can see how it looked like. Well, it looked nice but was not very easy to maintain if I wanted to add new images… Here’s… Continue reading Old Artist-Homepage

Ink Drawings

For illustrating text, black and white paintings have best reproducing abilities. Either with ink pen or with ink feather, most ink paintings are linestroked.

Digital Artwork

For nearly every digital art I do, I use Adobe Photoshop. It is such a fascinating software. Although I own a graphic tablet, I mostly painted with the mouse ever since. I guess this will stop when I start using a touchscreen… My old artist’s homepage was purely painted with Photoshop. But normally I do some sketches… Continue reading Digital Artwork

Colour Paintings

There are various materials for designing pictures in colour on non-digital media. Very handy are acrylics, which dry very fast and thus make a fast working process possible. But water colour or gouache also do have a charm. For oil paintings you really need patience and time for drying …

Liebe Kinder gebt fein acht, ich hab euch etwas mitgebracht …

Narwin, der Sandmann, begab sich vorsichtig durch das gekippte Fenster in das Schlafzimmer, um kein auffälliges Geräusch zu machen. Denn auch wenn er für die meisten Menschen unsichtbar war, so war es dennoch gefährlich, die Aufmerksamkeit auf sich zu lenken. Schließlich konnte ein Mensch ihn – auch unbeabsichtigt – durch einen kleinen Stoß toeten. Ein… Continue reading Liebe Kinder gebt fein acht, ich hab euch etwas mitgebracht …